The 'official' history of Altrincham ice hockey at the Devonshire Road ice rink can now be found via the following link - Altrincham history

The Altrincham Ice Dome is now open as the new home for our local hockey talent. Details of the ENL and junior teams can be found on the Junior section of the Manchester Phoenix website.

As a reminder of the Altrincham Aces, Greg's last season review is below and match reports from the last season are available from the Results page. Some new features will appear on this site when I have time..


Season Review

Our 2002-03 season review comes from Greg just before the world trip.

"its only just sinking in that there will be no more hockey at Altrincham!

Last September I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how good our last ever season at Altrincham could have been. It could have been like many seasons in the past and results wise it was........

...but we as players all know that we will never have a BETTER season than we just have, ok we came out having won no trophies, but for me it wasn’t all about that. We as a team have grown up and played alongside each other, some of us for the last 15 years! No other team that any of us will ever play for in the future will match that! We played as a TEAM from every training to every game. We tried to play exciting hockey and individually all improved from the players we were at the start of the year.

How good was it to see Danny and Kev come back with us for one final season, How good was it to against all the odds beat Sheffield away in the playoffs, to beat Hull at home in the last game, to prove to ourselves that we can compete with Basingstoke after last years finals. To skate as a team every Monday, EVERY MONDAY, even after coming home from Whitley at 3am the night before. How good was it to see Russ lamp Stokesy, or how good will it be to see Elliot get a job! (R - he's got one now!) How good was it to get on that bus to Grimsby knowing The Goat had done us proud!

It was bitterly disappointing to not win anything this season, and I felt terrible that Saturday night after the Hull game for Simon having to miss our final game (I know how much it meant to him), but the changing room atmosphere after that last game at Altrincham was unbelievable and that will live with me forever."

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